Steyr-Solothurn S1-100/MP34

Originally made for a mod, later used in "Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades."

I chose the MP34 after originally choosing the MP18. Despite being used by the Nazis and by other countries until the 1970's, I was shocked to see how little this weapon has appeared in both film and video games. As such there's not many 3D models of the MP34 made, with it's older brother the MP18 being far more common. I prefer the MP34 due to it's more detailed receiver, while the MP18 is more or less just a cylinder. One minor change I did to mine was adding the Nazi coat of arms as the main stamp. I couldn't find any MP34's with the stamp, but it makes sense that there would have been some. Typically the Nazis made MP34s that would have been exported to the Philippines and other countries, with their respective coat of arms. However once WWII broke out of course these exports didn't happen so Nazi soldiers ended up using weapons with non-German coat of arms.

Joshua gregory joshua gregory both
Joshua gregory joshua gregory both2
Joshua gregory joshua gregory noattachments
Joshua gregory per
Joshua gregory sides
Joshua gregory light
Joshua gregory right
Joshua gregory 1
Joshua gregory back
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Joshua gregory fps
Joshua gregory wireframe
Joshua gregory textures

4096 textures for main gun, 1024 textures for the attachments.

The Weapons of H3VR The MP34