Finishing up the MZ14 bullup

Work In Progress / 02 mars 2019

Back in Spring-Summer 2017 I started on a MZ14 bullpup and completed the high poly, which you can see on my current portfolio. Due to numerous circumstances I wasn't able to finish up the low poly and textures. 

I re-opened the files and realized that I'm nearly complete with everything, so I'm quickly finishing this up so I can move onto other personal projects that more reflect my current skill level. I should be finishing up the textures for the attachments in the next couple of weeks. 

Here's the textured base.

Here's the final HP model. The intent is to make a late 80's/early 90's tacticool gun. Today a 10/22 rifle with attachments that fulfill the same purpose would be far more sleek and lightweight. 



Custom Bullpup Glock Blockout

Work In Progress / 31 janvier 2019

It's been a good while since I've posted anything on Artstation, so I'll be giving some updates via the blog on here. 

Over a year ago I started on a customized SRU Bullpup Glock. The SRU Bullpup kit itself is an airsoft configuration but I liked the shape of it so much I went forward with making it a real firearm for this project. I believe some Russian company has produced a clone of the kit that fires blanks. 

I'll be slowly updating this blog with high poly renders as I go along. I have other stuff going on so I can't commit anywhere near as much time to this project as I would with previous ones. The charm was originally a Jurassic Park pendant but I've since removed it for something more complicated that I'm keeping a secret until final renders.