"Three D Guns 2" Challenge entry | "Bizon-IV" Concept and early Blockout

Work In Progress / 13 April 2019

Hum3D is holding a weapon art contest, and I've decided to stop progress on finishing up any remaining pieces to enter this contest. 

Originally I was going to do a M249 along with a Briefcase Gun concept I had, but felt that neither would have worked out in the end for the contest. So I photobashed together a near-future Bizon. The concept is just a base for the overall forms, and will not be a representation of the final model.

So far I have a basic blockout in progress, which I'm slowly beginning to refine. Overall I'm borrowing details from the Galil Ace for the AK portions of the gun. I am still going to include the sight as it'll add a nice touch to the first person view and break up the silhouette a bit on both the front and first person views. The idea is that this would be a near-future smg, dubbed the Bizon-IV, that would make the helical mag fed firearm more fit for customization and reliability. Features such as a detachable, folding, and collapsible stock, modular magwell allowing for different types of rounds and magazines to be fed, classic AK scope mounting system along with picatinny rails, forward charging handle, heatguard sporting both picatinny rails and MLock, etc are all features I'm putting into this gun. Another requirement for the contest is that the gun be rendered in an environment. At the moment I have a few ideas of what to make, but either way I will need to begin making one immediately if I am to make the deadline for this asset. 


Finishing up the MZ14 bullup

Work In Progress / 02 March 2019

Back in Spring-Summer 2017 I started on a MZ14 bullpup and completed the high poly, which you can see on my current portfolio. Due to numerous circumstances I wasn't able to finish up the low poly and textures. 

I re-opened the files and realized that I'm nearly complete with everything, so I'm quickly finishing this up so I can move onto other personal projects that more reflect my current skill level. I should be finishing up the textures for the attachments in the next couple of weeks. 

Here's the textured base.

Here's the final HP model. The intent is to make a late 80's/early 90's tacticool gun. Today a 10/22 rifle with attachments that fulfill the same purpose would be far more sleek and lightweight. 



Custom Bullpup Glock Blockout

Work In Progress / 31 January 2019

It's been a good while since I've posted anything on Artstation, so I'll be giving some updates via the blog on here. 

Over a year ago I started on a customized SRU Bullpup Glock. The SRU Bullpup kit itself is an airsoft configuration but I liked the shape of it so much I went forward with making it a real firearm for this project. I believe some Russian company has produced a clone of the kit that fires blanks. 

I'll be slowly updating this blog with high poly renders as I go along. I have other stuff going on so I can't commit anywhere near as much time to this project as I would with previous ones. The charm was originally a Jurassic Park pendant but I've since removed it for something more complicated that I'm keeping a secret until final renders.